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Some Quick Thoughts On Blade Runner 2049

-I did not want a sequel to Blade Runner. Ever. It is a singular story told masterfully that holds up 35 years later.

I said that first so this will resonate more: Blade Runner 2049 may be the best science fiction film of the last 20-25 years.

-It feels like a natural continuation of a story that most fans wanted left alone. I consider Blade Runner’s open-ended finish one of the best in movie history. It leaves itself open to fans interpretation about what happens next. Luckily, 2049’s story feels like the most compelling extension of the original anyone could have possibly come up with. The entire movie works as a contradiction; it is fan service while staying true to itself in how much it is trying to be its own story and not fan service.

-Blade Runner 2049 opens up the world to so many possibilities. If the original was the most wonderful appetizer you have ever eaten, 2049 is a five star meal that comes after when you were thinking there was nothing better.

-To discuss the plot of 2…