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The End Is The Beginning Is The End: Far Cry: New Dawn Review

*spoilers for Far Cry 5*

When we last left Hope County, Montana it was set ablaze by the nuclear holocaust that Joseph Seed somehow orchestrated. Our character was trapped in the same bunker that was our salvation at the beginning of the game bringing the story full circle. The only problem was that we were trapped in it with Joseph and handcuffed to a bed. So we get to guess what kind of fun that would be listening to a raving, religious lunatic for years with no escape. I imagine it being like you were locked in a room with Franklin Graham and you couldn't shove a towel down his throat or kneecap him with a crowbar.

Far Cry: New Dawn does what Far Cry: Primal did with Far Cry 4. It takes the existing map and gives it a makeover for a quicker release. This has not proved to be a bad thing since Far Cry: Primal was superior to 4 and New Dawn is a smaller, fun entry that wraps up the tales of Joseph Seed and the population of Hope County.

Did you play Far Cry 3? Far Cry 4? Far Cry …