Wonder Woman Short Review

Wonder Woman is a movie about a woman who is wonderful. No really. She is. Gal Gadot is wonderful. The character in the movie is wonderful. Chris Pine is wonderful. Lets see how many times I can say wonder and wonderful in this. I am not getting paid by using that word, but if anyone wants to make an offer, now is the time.

Wonder Woman is fun, genuine and hopeful.  Gal Gadot lets the character show her naivety without her seeming dumb. She eats ice cream and tells the vendor he should be proud. She bucks society when deciding what to wear after leaving Themyscira by not wearing a fluffy dress and going for a pantsuit, then walks out of the store with her sword and shield in hand. There is a yin and yang. Diana is strong and willful, yet clueless with wide-eyed childlike wonder (pun intended). It is a balancing act that Gadot masters. I hope people will watch the movie and catch this because it adds so much weight to the character, especially against the hellish, dark backdrop of World War 1. 

The only minor, minor drawback is the movie devolves into the base "huge 'spolsion fight" with the bad guy that every comic book film succumbs to. I know, I know you're saying "well what the hell else are they supposed to do", but after spending the first 90 minutes learning the characters it seems to throw the pace off just a bit. That's all...really. The fight itself is fine and she is certifiably badass. It is just a pacing issue.

If someone had a lasso of truth around me and could ask me any question, first I would thank them for asking me about this movie and not the size of my junk. You are a true friend. When it comes to Wonder Woman, it is one of the best superhero movies since 2008's The Dark Knight. I would put Logan a slight favorite above it, but Wonder Woman is that good. People wondered how the character would translate in her own movie and I am glad to say the grace and strength that comic fans have read for 70 years translates near flawlessly. 

Chris Pine is also naked. This is not bad. I can fully say that being comfortable with it.



  1. "People wondered..." I see what you did there.

    1. Had to add one more in case someone came through with a price per wonder.


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