A Few Thoughts On The Dark Tower

-The Dark Tower is in no way a BAD movie. I have seen bad movies and this was not one of them. If you asked me to watch The Dark Tower 10 times in a row or Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen once I would watch The Dark Tower 15 times in a row just for good measure.

-It did need to be longer. There are scenes early on that need to be extended. I am not saying we need an overstuffed 2.5 hour movie (looking at you Captain America: Civil War) but even making it 110 minutes would have given some much needed extension and still keep it under 2 hours.

-I love Idris Elba in almost everything he does (except Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, that movie can go fuck itself) and obviously McConaughey is McConaughey. I wish this movie had a little more substance for them to latch onto. You have 2 of the greatest actors today...let them loose! McConaughey looks like he is having fun chewing scenery as The Man in Black, I want more of it.

-If you are a lifelong fan and reader of The Dark Tower books, then whatever you think about it I can not and will not argue about it. If you have never read them or have a passing knowledge of the overall story it is pretty good.

-I understand hitting a PG-13 for the fact of allowing a bigger audience, but The Dark Tower should have been a hard R movie.

-We are in a society of absolutes. Just look at our political system. We are falling into the thinking that movies have to be the greatest thing ever or the biggest piece of shit ever made. It is becoming unheard of for a movie to just be ok or even pretty good. The Dark Tower is pretty good. Like I said I have seen BAD movies. This is not one of them.


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